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Kyle Meema
Not too much to know really. Cycling enthusiast, outdoor enthusiast, can't spell worth beans, and a little off his rocker. That's about it.

Current Residence: Canada
Personal Quote: "Sometimes crazy works"

               I recently came across a photograph of a nude woman with very large breasts. The size and shape of these breasts indicated that they were probably not completely natural, which led to the usual stampede of people trashing the model and those who liked the photograph. The argument is always the same and runs along the lines of, "fake tits are gross," "you people are sick," "how could anyone find that attractive?" "it's not natural!" and so on. I, for one, found the photograph and the model to be quite stunning.

               Now, I've written about breast enlargement before, but this time I'd like to articulate my thoughts a bit more clearly. I have no problems with breast enlargement. My policy is, "whatever floats your boat." If you like artificially enlarged breasts, then go nuts! Enjoy away! I certainly do. If you don't like them, then don't click on them. Don't trash the model. Don't trash the people who like the model. Don't trash the photographer. Other people liking something that you don't like doesn't affect you. I don't like fish, so I don't eat it. I don't trash people who do eat fish. No one has to change their own tastes just because you don't like their tastes. You don't have to change your tastes just because someone else doesn't like your tastes.

    However, as much as I speak out in defence of people who strive of society's definition of perfection, I would like to make it abundantly clear that those who do not or cannot meet your standard of beauty do not deserve to be shamed. That's got to stop. Do you think that such people are not perfectly aware that they don't have the "ideal" body? They do. They don't need you pointing out. They already know. It's not helping. Stop doing it. I don't care if it's there "fault" or not. Whether they want to be that way or not, they don't need or want you to shame or insult them.

    The other side of the coin is the "be the way you are naturally" line of thinking; I don't think it's entirely in the right in certain situations.  If you think you're beautiful, then that's all that really matters, right? That's fine. I have no problem with that. The problem is that it can create a presumption that everyone else should see you the way you see yourself and anyone who doesn't must be shallow, superficial, and just a bad person. It can lead to the expectation that everyone should see you as attractive even if your physical appearance doesn't fit their particular taste. Just as no one should impose their standards of beauty on you, you should not impose your standards of beauty on others. You do not have to change yourself to fit another's definition of beauty, but do not expect anyone to change their appearance or tastes to fit your standard. They have no right to shame you or insult you, but they also have no obligation to love you or find you beautiful or attractive.

    I see things on DA all the time that I do not find attractive. The diaper fetish, the fart fetish, the tickle fetish are all examples of things that I find gross or just weird. I think to myself, "how could anyone find that attractive? How can that be a turn on?"  However, if that's what you're into, then fine. I'm not going to shame you simply because what turns you on isn't what turns me on. I recognise that people have different tastes and that many of those tastes do not overlap with mine. If I see something on DA that does not appeal to me then I don't click on it. It has just as much right to be there as the art that I like.

    When it comes to sex, and that's what most of this is about, I see any sexual contact as fine PROVIDED the parties are of the age of consent and the parties genuinely consent to what is being done to them and consent to what they do to the other person. And I'm even willing to bend on the age of consent requirement. So when it comes to the stuff I think is weird or gross and I don't get, I may scratch my head and even roll my eyes, but I don't barge into content not aimed at me and saying that anyone who enjoys it is sick and disgusting merely, because I'd be arguing from the position of "this is different to what I like, therefore it's wrong and you should change to like what I like," which is ridiculous.

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